Friday, August 10, 2007

When in Rains...

Well, yesterdays post was about my Doctor's visit. Today's post is about lego boys. As well as having speech apraxia, and being on the autism spectrum, lego boy also has profound hearing loss in one ear. His other ear has always been great. No changes in 6 years. Today we went to a new ENT....closer to home and hopefully a better informed doctor. This new doctor is wonderful...I really loved her and her staff. What a difference.

But they did find out that lego boy is losing his hearing in his other ear. He's never had a hearing aide, something our first ENT did not recommend, since he could hear fine with the other ear. But he does have an FM system at school. But now we are looking into the best hearing aide for him, and possibly a cochlear implant. So I'm also going to look more at support groups for his autism, and hearing impairments.

I'm actually doing fine about the whole thing. Trying to keep it in perspective. My mother-in-law says it's devastating. Not a word I would use for hearing loss. It's hard, but there are solutions for it. I can think of many more things that could happen that would be devastating. We always knew there was a chance his hearing would get worse, and that his "good" ear would be affected. We do not know the cause of his hearing loss. We have had every test done, but there is no explanation, just one of those things. So now another adventure begins.