Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life can be so short

Life is so precious. So short. So full of happiness, sadness, bliss, love, and so much more. And when someone special touches your life, and that of your child is suddenly gone....what do you do?

Mrs. Guirguis was Science boys third grade teacher. School just ended last Thursday. I saw her, gave her gifts - some of which I made because she loved everything I made and science boy insisted - gave her a hug and said we would see her at the pool this summer. And now she's gone. Just one day after school was over she died in a car accident. She had 2 children and was to be married again this summer. She was in a good place in her life. She was always so joyful, so full of life. She really cared about her students, you could tell that teaching was more than a job to her, it was her mission. And sadly, this last school year was her last mission. God needed her home............I know that. But when someone so young is taken in such a split second it's almost - no not almost - it is surreal.

How do you tell your 9 year old that one of the most important people in his life is gone. She did so much for him, and believed in him so much - just like she believed in each and everyone of her students. She is one of a handful of teachers that I've come across that sees the child for the child...sees past what society may have done to the child...sees the core of the child...and brings that to the surface. Each child was an individual to her, and learned differently. She found out the best way to reach the child and they soared because of it. Don't we all just need someone to love us no matter what, push us and be there to watch us fly? Ms. Guirguis was one of the best.

As is probably the case for most of her students - I, the parent, am having a more difficult time with this. I'm the one breaking down in tears when I think about it or read the newspaper article. I think it's because there are so many unanswered questions. An investigation is still going on, so not much has been released. Science boy is sad, talks a bit about her, and goes on. We've talked about how God has a plan for us all, how he was so blessed to have been in her class...out of all the third graders he and his friends were chosen to be part of her last mission here on earth. And that satisfies him, he doesn't need the answers that we adults need. His heart accepts that as much as he will miss her, her work here is done. The only unanswered questions to him are what is going to happen to her children (he knows one of them), and why she was the only one killed...why not someone else in the car....why her. And after talking about that, he's satisfied.

All that knew her still have a lot of healing to do. If you believe in the power of prayer - please pray for her children, her family, friends, co-workers and students.

Ms. Guirguis you will be missed and I will think of you often. But now you have the best seat to watch your students soar.

With love and a heavy heart....


Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

What a sad loss . . . but what a beautiful thing that she could live a life where she could offer value to others and be appreciated for it.

Katherine said...

My prayers are with everyone feeling the loss of Ms. Guirguis. I wish there was more that I could say.