Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baby steps

Well, this weekend I was able to organize a few things. I actually got to the silverware drawer - got a few new "bins" to put the odds and ends in. Got rid of all the baby spoons, etc. I didn't take a before and after picture, cause I'm still new to this whole blog thing. But I'll get there :)

I also straightened up and organized the armoire in my bedroom. It has a tv in it, but I also had books and other odds and ends on either side of the tv. and the cabinets underneath were full of stuff I never use. So I was able to throw a lot away, and put the books and movies in the cabinets. Wow!

That was all I got to, since my washing machine decided to break. My handy hubby is finishing fixing it right now. But for 2 days I have not been able to do any laundry....which I usually do almost everyday. There are already piles everywhere, or so it seems.

The boys finished school today. Science boy was excited, not sure lego boy understands it. But since he'll be going to summer school starting next week, that's ok. Not sure what we are doing the rest of this week, hopefully going to the gym, I really need to work out. I was doing really good, going 3-4 times a week, but then I got bronchitis, so I was out for a while. Thankfully, all three kids love the playarea, and then maybe we'll go swim in the pool there afterwards.