Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last days

Well today was my 3 year old daughters last day of MDO...til the fall. This was her first year, she only went two days a week, but if 5 days were offered to her she would take it in a heartbeat. She loves school. This is a different MDO then the boys went to, and I have to admit I love it so much more. Our church runs it, and they just have the most amazing teachers there. It has been such a blessing. My little princess is very, very, very outgoing. Her teacher described her as having a "vibrant personality". Totally true. She adds her own uniqueness into everything she does. And she's very independent. Today they had field day. The parents were invited to stay. I asked her if she wanted me to stay. Her answer "No mama, just help me with (her teachers) presents, then you may leave". I walked her in, talked to a teacher for a minute when little princess walked up to me and said "You can leave now". "Honey, don't you want me to stay, Luke's mama is staying" "No" "Ok, can I have a kiss" "I already gave you one, bye". Did I mention she was independent??? So I left, and went to the gym. Which I have not been to in a month, so all worked out well.

Little Princess' ballet recital was last Sunday. She did so good. Her class of 5 girls did "Teddybear Picnic". They were suppose to sing as well as dance. Little Princess was the only one who sang :) and yes, she can project her voice.....I could hear her all the way in the back. Too cute...but I think voice lessons might be in order :)

The boys finish school next Tuesday. So it is a whirlwind week around here. Lego boy's Kindergarten celebration is tomorrow. Then he has a special lunch on Friday (after which I will meet with his teacher, special ed teacher, and speech teacher.) Then a busy, busy weekend.