Thursday, September 20, 2007


Well I made it to Orlando. I wasn't sure I would.

I had these great plans that I would be able to do all the laundry (ok, I confess it's gotten a little, well way, out of hand), vacuum upstairs and down, clean bathrooms, the kitchen (floors included)...well basically clean the house top to bottom. Somehow only a peak of the laundry got done, and a little vacuuming. But that's it. Then when I picked up the boys from school Science boys teacher brought him out to me. "Oh no" I thought "what has happened". Turns out he threw up in class (poor baby) right before dismissal. He then threw up two more times at home. Just so I didn't leave my parents with a really sick to the doctors we went. Thankfully, it was just his allergies so he is on medicine and was able to go to school today. My husband didn't get home until 10, and had to pack for his business trip. Somehow I did manage to get the kids packed up for my parents, and myself mostly packed. Mostly, since I do not have my contacts, my toothbrush, and who knows what else. Always something.

But so far the MOPS convention has been so wonderful. The speakers and the music have been so uplifting. It proves to be a great weekend. Oh and did I mention that I have a room to myself (King size bed all for ME!!! nobody to climb in at 2am), a computer in the room, a balcony. I even indulged in room service tonight for dinner and if it wasn't so late the chocolate fondue on the menu would be mine :)


Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

It sounds like you had a nice trip! I always try to be superwoman before leaving for a trip, too - it never works, but it DOES take my mind of flying!

I am excited to check out your Kingdom Kids link in the sidebar. Scripture memory is so important to start when they are young. Thanks for sharing!

I'm a Texas mom, too!