Friday, October 12, 2007

What a Week - Part 1

I'm finally starting to realize that when you have kids (especially more than one) there is no such thing as a quiet week, and one where you can actually get a lot accomplished, especially cleaning the house.

Monday the kids didn't have school so we just hung out at the house, science boy had a friend come over. Wednesday Lego Boy had an ENT appt. It was scheduled for 10. By the time he had his hearing test, we saw the Dr. twice, had a demo on a hearing aide and eveything else, it was after 12. It was however a great appt. Lego Boy is going to get a hearing aide so that is the best news. Ever since we found out he had profound hearing loss in one ear I have wanted a hearing aide to help him. He has an FM System at school, but, of cource, that does not help him at home or when we are out an about. But something inside told me to wait, it wasn't the right time to fight for it. So I listened. Last year I felt it was getting closer, but still not yet. This year it's like my whole being was shouting "now". So we switched ENT's, found one that is wonderful. She referred us to this hearing aide ENT guy. He has done these surgery's for 5 years. He's the leading dr. on these hearing aides, and I feel so blessed that's he's so close. He's done almost 300 of these, on adults and children.

Having a child with special needs, you do have to be even more of an advocate that with a "normally devloping" child. But you also have to be still and listen. Sometimes I find that I'm fighting for something at the wrong time. God knows when the timing is, and I have learned that it's best to go in HIS time. I would love to have eveything Lego Boy needs NOW, but 1) he'd be overwhelmed 2) he would (and we would) never learn what he can do if we just wait and let him take his time. With his autisum he has OCD. Part of this is he won't show us what he can do until he can do it perfectly. I remember when he turned one I was worried that he was even attempting to try and stand up and walk yet. When he was 14 1/2 months my husband went to get him from his nap.....and caught him walking from one end of the crib to the other - and not holding on! His face..priceless. he was busted and knew yet. That is the way he is with everything.

For the hearing aide that they are going to give him, it a bone conducting one, not an air conducting one like traditional hearing aides. So it requires an implant. They do have one that they use as a demo in the office. They just place it on the bone behind the ear. When they did, and I asked it he could hear me...he got a big grin, giggled a little and said "Yes, I can". My heart jumped. I love this kid! He was so excited and can't wait. But now it's a waiting game. The insurance companies are running 30-60 days before they approve it. So we are praying that it will be more on the 30 day side :) But know that it will happen exactly when it is suppose to.