Friday, July 6, 2007

Isn't it always the case

that when your husband goes out of town either a kid gets sick, or something happens to the house. Last time he was gone I had carpenter ants all over little princess' bedroom wall. That was fun :) Last night little princess had a fever of 102 and a cough. So this morning, after dropping the boys off at the in-laws, I took her to the Dr. and guess what..she has pneumonia. pneumonia! Wow, did she get it quick. So went off to get a chest x-ray, and now we are waiting to see how bad it is. The Dr. said we didn't have to head to the hospital..yet. Don't you love that word, especially when a Dr. uses it. Oh, what fun! And of course today we had plans with friends, and I really, really needed to go to the grocery store..I'm totally out of milk and laundry detergent. ugh!

**update** she does not have pneumonia it's some virus in her lungs. Nothing serious, but lots of meds.


MorningSong said...

I am glad to hear your daughter does NOT have pneumonia!! That is a lot to deal with without hubby. Dr AND x-rays AND all the normal Mommy stuff. I hope your weekend gets better!

Thanks for the advice regarding the Mr. Clean eraser. We are going to tackle this problem sometime this weekend.
Have a great day!