Sunday, July 15, 2007

What a wonderful day!!!

My husband is coming home today. After being in Angola since July 4th, and with little princess being sick, twice, and all the rain here, well we are all excited that he will be home tonight. And I'm thinking that the kids will all be in bed when he gets home (they go to bed early), so we'll have some time together :)

I'm hoping this week we can get back to normal. Start going to the gym everyday, swimming, etc. We had all these plans for the summer, and so far we have not been able to do any of it. With little princess being sick, etc. it's been hard to get out and do anything. I'm finally feeling better, so that always makes life easier.

Last night the kids spent the night at my sister-in-laws. So I was able to go through toys and get rid of a bunch (3 trash did we get so much). My friend is having a garage sale next week, so I'll have plenty to add. I was also able, to finally, go through all the kids school work and throw away a bunch. Why is that so hard. I know there is no point saving it all, in the long run it's just paper...but I just keep thinking how hard they worked on all their school work, and how far they have both come and I just feel guilty throwing it all away. But the practical side, I only have so much room to store everything :)

So now it's off to Target to buy some folders to keep the paperwork I am saving, plus to keep lego boys medical records at the ready...I need them for school, etc. How I love Target, I just hope I can actually get out of there without spending more than $50..I never seem to , but there's always hope.