Sunday, July 8, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - July 9

This week I am going to also add lunches to my menu plan. I think it will make it so much easier. Of course, only science boy and little princess will eat what is planned, and most of the dinners. But it makes it's more doable to come up with one meal as opposed to three. And for most of their dinners I can make during the day. For my lunches and dinners I'm going to be making stage I of South Beach Diet.

Monday - lunch - kids cheese tortilla w/ ham, watermelon
me - Greek salad
dinner - kids - chicken, macaroni & cheese, corn, blueberry muffins
me - grilled salmon w/ rosemary, salad

Tuesday - lunch - kids - turkey hot dogs, chips, apples
me - chicken roll-ups
dinner - kids - picky pockets, salad
me - coconut chicken, zucchini & squash

Wednesday - lunch - kids - Teeny tiny tacos, grapes
me - gazpacho, burger, salad
dinner - kids - man-oh-man potato casserole (Emeril Lagasse's kid's cookbook)
me - beef kabas w/ peanut sauce, broiled tomatoes

Thursday - lunch - kids - sandwiches, bananas, chips
me - mixed greens w/ crab meat salad
dinner - kids- chicken nuggets w/ honey mustard dipping sauce (Emeril Lagaee's kid's cookbook), baked french fries, salad
me - sage & rosemary pork, veggies

Friday - lunch - kids - go out
me - leftovers (I can't eat fast food)
dinner - kids - pizza
me - baked portobello caps w/ melted goat cheese, salad

Saturday - lunch - kids - leftovers
me - dilled shrimp salad w/ herb-dill dressing, jello
dinner - kids - are going to my sister-in-laws for a sleepover!!
me - either go out or leftovers

Sunday - lunch - kids will still be at my sister-in-laws
me - ??
dinner - kids -spaghetti
me - baked portobello caps w/ melted goat cheese

Be sure to check Laura's website for more menu plans.


tegdirb92 said...

even though you are dieting, those meals you have for yourself sound really good and filling!! Great meal plan.